April 02, 2015

Kimmy's Cupcakes Returns to the Erie County Fair

In 2011 Kimmy's Cupcakes sold the new hot item at the Erie County Fair. They sold items that resembled fair food and were best known for their hot dog cupcake. They were even lucky enough to win "Best Fare at the Fair", "People's Choice" as well as "Best Sweet Treat." A week after returning back from the Erie County Fair, Kimberly found out she was pregnant! She wanted to return so badly to all the wonderful people she had met that following year but couldn't tear myself away from her new baby boy.

It is with great excitement that Kimmy's Cupcakes is able to return this year and continue making new friends and memories. Out of all the fairs they had visited and was a vendor at, the Erie County Fair was undoubtedly their absolutely favorite and by far the most fun fair for many reasons. From the fair goers to the staff in Administration, Kimmy's Cupcakes felt a noticeable and much-appreciated connection.

This year they will be serving breakfast as well! So be sure to check out Kimmy's Cupcakes at the Erie County Fair, August 7-18th, 2013!

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