April 01, 2015
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Women's Conference: Buffalo For Africa


My name is Christina DeNisco Sullivan and I am Director of a group called Buffalo for Africa (buffaloforafrica.org). Our mission is to educate our public on human rights, and to promote social justice. For the past two years we were fortunate enough to attend a Women's Conference hosted by Maria Shriver and the imprint it left in our minds and on our hearts was so significant that we came home and created our own conference. It was so enlightening to sit for a full day with other women, hearing about how important women are in these times, and how we as women can use our voices to change the world we see around us.

We are hosting our 2nd Annual Women's Conference on Saturday, March 20th, 2010. The conference is for all women and we are encouraging high school girls to attend and to bring a significant female adult in their lives. Great news: Maureen Orth, wife of the late Tim Russert, will be a Keynote Speaker!

The goal of the conference is to motivate leaders in our community and to recognize the marvelous accomplishments of women in WNY. We will have whole group presentations as well as break out sessions. It is a great chance for our attendees to share experiences, network, learn from the presenters, and to leave inspired to continue to make a difference in the community and world. We have over 50 vendors that join us to add to our “Celebration of Women.” We want to touch on all the aspects of life of women: spiritual, emotional, professional, need for good health, etc. We invite you to share this day with us. Our conference will host a variety of speakers and sessions. There will be an emphasis on human rights in Africa but we will also have topics such as:

1. International Institute: "Human Trafficking in Western New York: Is it Really Happening Here?"
2. Women's Health Issues & Importance of Exercise for Women
3. Effects of War on Women in the Congo
4. Empowering Women against Domestic Violence
5. Women & Finance
6. Cooking Class
7. Volunteering Locally & Globally
8. Detective Dennis Delano: “Don’t be a Victim: Safety Issues for Women”
9. Self-Defense
10. Self-Esteem
11. Yoga
12. African Storytelling
13. V-Day
14. Women Exploring Their Spirituality
15. Much more!

We are committed to educating our youth and bringing WNY together in an effort to raise awareness on human rights’ issues and to celebrate the leadership accomplishments in our community.

Registration is available on our website: buffaloforafrica.org/womensconference/. Don’t miss out!! Spots fill fast. Also, please consider bringing an old cell phone to donate to Verizon’s Hopeline (aboutus.vzw.com). More information is available on our site.


Christina DeNisco Sullivan, Founder & Director of Buffalo for Africa


Video Link: video.artvoice.com/artvoicetv

(716) 912-8184

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” --Gandhi

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